Baramati Rain: Cloudburst-like rain in western part of Baramati, impact on traffic, possible damage to agricultural crops

Baramati Rain : At present Pune district also witnessed heavy rains. Cloudburst-like rained. Because of this, water has entered the farmers’ fields and there is a possibility of damage to the crops. Meanwhile, the bridge on the Neera-Baramati road has gone under the flood water of the stream, and the traffic of light vehicles has been stopped. There is a possibility of damage to agricultural crops due to this rain. Because water has entered the fields of many farmers. Crops are likely to be wasted due to this water. That’s why farmers are worried. Meanwhile, due to this heavy rain, the bridge on Neera-Baramati road has gone under the flood water of the stream. Due to this, the traffic on this road has been stopped. A person who was being swept away by the flood waters in a stream at Farandenagar on the Neera-Baramati road was rescued by the local youth with the help of a rope.

Possibility of rain with stormy wind in the next two days

According to the information of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of rain with stormy wind in the next two days. From tomorrow (September 8), the intensity of rain will increase in the state. Meteorological department has predicted heavy to very heavy rain in the entire state except Nandurbar, Dhule, Jalgaon, Palghar and Thane. Therefore, citizens have been urged to be alert. Meanwhile, rains have made a good presence in various parts of the state. The last few days had been raining. However, the rain has increased once again. Mumbai and Thane have received good rains. Kharif crops were threatened due to prolonged rains, however, the rains have given life to the crops. 

Meanwhile, some parts of the state have witnessed good rains, while others, however, need rains. Nanded district was initially rained. However, there has been rain since last 20 to 25 days. Due to this, the crops of the farmers there are in danger. Farmers there are waiting for rain.

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