Baramati News : Farmers’ Action Committee objects to Sharad Pawar’s name being given to Someshwar College in Baramati

Baramati News : in Baramati, Pune (Baramati) Nationalist Congress (NCP) President Sharad Pawar (Sharad Pawar) has been objected by Satish Kakade. Satish Kakade, president of the Farmers’ Action Committee, has objected to Sharad Pawar’s name being given to the Engineering and MBA College of Someshwar Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, which is run by Someshwar Sahakari Sugar Factory at Someshwar in Baramati taluka. Satish Kakade has demanded that the name of Sharad Pawar be removed from the college. 

Name of Sharad Pawar was given without taking the MPs into confidence: Satish Kakade 
We have no objection to give the name of Sharad Pawar. But Satish Kakade has alleged that the board of directors of the factory did not take the members into confidence while giving that name. The board of directors should have raised the issue of name change in the annual general meeting of the factory. But the board of directors took this decision in the general body in the year 2019 and the farmers came to know about it in the last month i.e. in October 2022, says Satish Kakade. Kakade has also asked the question why the college should be named after the Pawar family when they have nothing to do with the factory. 

Sharad Pawar Named for Giving Money Through Trust
Sharad Pawar has been named after giving three crore rupees to an educational institution through Pawar Trust. But nearly 70 to 75 crore rupees have been taken as education fund from farmers’ sugarcane bill. Kakade has asked whether Sharad Pawar’s name should be given as he has given crores of rupees through the trust. Therefore, Kakade demanded that Sharad Pawar’s name given to the college should be removed. "It has to stop somewhere. The subject will be taken up in the Cabinet in due course. Kakade said that if there is no justice anywhere, the given name will be removed, otherwise there will be an appeal in the High Court. Satish Kakade also expressed the belief that we will get justice in the court. 

When asked about this, the chairman of the factory, Purushottam Jagtap, said that there is no reason to object to the fact that the board of directors has decided to give the name. 

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