Baramati Crime News: Vehicle stealing inn gang finally jailed; 27 different cars seized

Baramati Crime News: Baramati taluka police have arrested a gang stealing cars from various places in Baramati.. The gang was stealing motorcycles from malls, hospitals, colleges and other main squares and busy places in Baramati. Baramati taluka police have arrested four accused in this case. Also, 27 cars have been seized from the accused.

Since last few months, there has been an increase in theft of motorbikes from Subhadra Mall, Mahila Hospital, VP College, Pensil Chowk area in Baramati Taluka Police Station area. Police Inspector Mahesh Dhawan of Baramati Taluka Police Station had formed teams to uncover the crime of motorcycle theft.  

In order to find the accused who stole the motorcycle, the police checked the footage of many CCTV cameras in the Baramati city area and based on the technical information, the police tracked down the accused. The names of the arrested accused are Vijay Ashok Mane, Pradip Raghunath Sathe, Prem Subhash Itkar, Santosh Tukaram Gade. Cycles have been recovered.

Some of the motorcycles stolen by the accused were buried. The accused arrested in the said case are notorious criminals and have been booked for serious crimes like attempted robbery and theft. The said accused Pune and Nagar districts.  It has been found that there are total 14 crimes against the said accused. Investigation has revealed that all the offenses under Section 379 of the Indian Penal Code are theft of motorcycles. More crimes are likely to be revealed by the accused. Also, there is a possibility of getting more motorcycles from these criminals.. Baramati Taluka Police Station is conducting further investigation in this regard. Police Inspector Yogesh Langute, P.Hawa. Ram Kangude, PO Naik Amol Narute, Police Constable Dattatray Madane, Shashikant Dalvi, Deepak Darade. 

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