Baramati Crime news : Girl’s love marriage angers mother and brother; Fatal attack on girl’s door, incident in Baramati

Baramati Crime news : Girl married for love (Crime News) A shocking incident has come to light that an enraged mother and brother fatally attacked a girl’s door. The incident took place at Malegaon Colony Lakshmi Nagar in Baramati Taluka. Due to this, an atmosphere of fear has been created in the area. As both the families were against the marriage and both had left the house, the girl’s family got angry and attacked the girl’s door. 

According to the police, both of them who live in Malegaon Colony Lakshmi Nagar area of ​​Baramati were in love with each other. As the family opposed the marriage, the two ran away from home. The girl’s mother and brother then went to the boy’s house and threatened his brother. Asked to call both of them immediately. The name of the girl’s mother and brother are Sunita Sanjay Chavan and Mayur Sanjay Chavan. Both of them went to the boy’s house and tried hard. They asked where the boy is, but where is the boy to their relatives? Said that there is no information about this. Hearing this, the girl’s brother threw a stone at her head. Deer fell unconscious due to the impact of the stone. After that he was also beaten up with kicks. In this, Deer was seriously injured and is undergoing treatment in the hospital. 

Girl’s mother and brother arrested
According to the information received, the girl’s mother  Sunita Sanjay Chavan and brother Mayur Sanjay Chavan have carried out the attack together. He took out his anger on the girl for running away and seriously injured him.  These two have been immediately arrested by the police. He has been sent to police custody for three days. 

Both have been given protection
After this incident, both the boy and the girl appeared at the police station. He has told the police that we are aware and had a love marriage. Both of them have been given protection as there is a threat to their lives in the coming time. Both are married, but as the families do not agree, there is a possibility of a dispute between the two families. The police are investigating the matter thoroughly. 

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