Baramati: Case registered against 9 Bank of Baroda officials, alleging fraud

Baramati Latest News : According to the order of the court, a case has been registered against nine officers of Bank of Baroda in Baramati. The Baramati police have registered a case against 9 officers of Bank of Baroda in Baramati city police station for defrauding a tractor distributor of Surya Tractor of Lonikalbhor in Pune to the tune of five crore rupees. Surya Tractors is the tractor distributor in Lonikalbhor. They also have a branch in Baramati. The manager of this branch, Manohar Babanrao Khaire, had filed a suit in the Baramati court. After the hearing of that claim, the court had ordered to file a case against nine persons after seeing the prima facie facts. Accordingly, a case has been registered against the Bank of Baroda officials at the Baramati City Police Station. In this, U.M. A case has been registered against Baji, Avnish Kumar, Jaikisan Roda, Chuk Saheb, Vaibhav Patil, Sandeep Mali, Ajay Gupta, Virendra Ravkhande, Nageshwar Rao.

Surya Tractor Company had taken a loan from Bank of Baroda in 2015. In this, Khaire was the guarantor for two crore rupees. There was a bank guarantee of five crore rupees. Meanwhile, at the time of this loan, the officers of Bank of Baroda had taken signatures on various documents of Khaire. Some of the documents were missing. A bank loan of Rs 12 crore was approved. However, in the composite hypothecation agreement, this loan was for Rs 7 crores. Khaire had signed for a loan of Rs 2 crore.

The bank had attached a bank guarantee of Rs 5 crore to the loan using the document. But the bank had given a loan of only Rs 2 crore to Surya Tractors Company. Meanwhile, while the Surya Tractor Company was given a loan of only Rs 2 crore, the bank actually demanded a loan of Rs 7 crore and interest of Rs 18 crore from Khaire. The bank started demanding the amount of the bank guarantee for which Khaire was not a guarantor. Therefore, Khaire immediately approached the court. After verifying all the matters, the court decided in favor of Surya Tractors and ordered to file a case against nine officials. 

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