Amruta Fadanvis Post Comment: Commenting on Amruta Fadnavis became expensive; Youth arrested in Junnar

Amruta Fadanvis Post Comment:  An offensive comment on the post of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ wife Amruta Fadnavis has cost a young man dearly. Police have arrested a youth from Alephata village in Junnar taluka of Pune district. Amit Sudam Waikar (Rest. Kavalemala, Chalkawadi-Pimpalwandi, Distt. Junnar, Distt. Pune) is the name of the arrested youth. 

Asha Buchke, a BJP activist from Junnar taluka, filed a complaint at the Alephata police station. The complaint alleged that Devendra Fadnavis’ wife, Amrita Fadnavis, used obscene and low level language. The comments were posted on social media using foul language. Even if Amrita Fadnavis does not belong to the party, it is not appropriate to comment in such language about a woman. She is the wife of our leaders. He had accused us of hurting our sentiments by making such comments about him. 

What was the post?
Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had said that the real Shiv Sena is with us in the meeting in Thane. . The news about it was broadcast. Amit Waikar commented on it. This comment was addressed to Fadnavis’ wife Amrita. It’s good for the young man to make that comment.

Always in discussion because of his statement
Amrita Fadnavis is always in discussion because of her posts or statements but she is more in discussion because of her song. After he announced his new song, many people are waiting for his song. But due to both of them, they have to face trolls all the time. Often trollers make different types of comments. It contains many comments in Arwacha language. They accept all these comments as a big challenge but now complaints are being filed due to these comments made on them. Therefore, youths have been urged to think and be alert while making comments on social media.


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