AJit Pawar Mardi : Don’t worship power, we don’t even know when we will come to power; Ajit Pawar’s challenge to his opponents

AJit Pawar Mardi : We were in the government for many years, Sharad Pawar Agriculture Minister (Sharad Pawar ) was also in power at the Centre. All panchayat committees were also under the control of NCP. But we never used power. He did not even bother the opposition while in power. So don’t use power and  If we do, we won’t even know when we will come to power, state opposition leader Ajit Pawar said in such a language."https://marathi.abplive.com/search?s=ajit-pawar">(Ajit pawar) has targeted the opponents. He was speaking in Mardi in Satara.

State government officials and employees should not succumb to pressure from anyone and do wrong things without any reason. Days change, not all days are the same. So no one will know when we will come to power in the coming time. Take action if our worker makes a mistake or take action even if I make a mistake. Because law is same for all. But this is the type of Shahu, Phule, Ambedkar who wants to trouble anyone because they are in power without any mistake or fault."Maharashtra" href="https://marathi.abplive.com/news/maharashtra" data-type="interlinkingkeywords"Ajit Pawar has also warned that we will not tolerate it in Maharashtra."text-align: justify;""There will be a transformation of Man Khatav"
The candidate chosen by Pawar should be elected in Man-Khatav constituency. At this time, the candidate will be elected in this village with the clock symbol. In politics, one often has to take a tough stance. Often many people have to be understood in harsh words. It is said that no matter what happens, Dada is angry. My anger has been made public. He also said that I am not crazy to get angry like that, causing laughter in the hall."text-align: justify;">‘Industrial Corridor will happen in Man’

In the past, one’s word was not changed. But now politics is going on at a very low level. There is no such thing as loyalty. Someone gets elected as an independent and goes with the Congress, then joins the BJP. What is this method? A meeting was held under my chairmanship on July 13, 2020 regarding Mhaswad Corridor. Ajit Pawar explained that due to the opposition of the Solshikars, we are insisting on becoming a corridor for Mhaswad.  No matter what anyone says, it is my word that the industrial corridor will happen in Mana, we are true to our word, Ajit Pawar assured the people of Mana. 


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