Ajit Pawar In Pune: Stop saying do it soon, do it soon; Ajit Pawar was furious over the cabinet expansion

Ajit Pawar In Pune: We are repeatedly saying to expand the cabinet, appoint a guardian minister. Due to this, there are difficulties in running the administration. Students of class 11 make demands to me as the leader of the opposition. They are not getting admission to science department, who will solve these problems? For this we are meeting the Governor, Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister. They are demanding a convention. Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar has criticized the Shinde-Fadnavis government by saying, “Now let’s expand the cabinet soon, stop saying we will do it soon.” He went to the hospital after 10 o’clock. At that time sloganeering was going on there.   However, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde did not say anything to the activists. Now, if the Chief Minister himself does not follow the rules of deposit after 10 pm, it will be difficult, he also targeted Eknath Shinde.

 The Government of Maharashtra is running from Delhi. Therefore, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis cannot take any decision without an order from Delhi. There is nothing left in the hands of these two, our state government cannot run without Delhi war. He also said that he is going to Delhi like the Chief Minister. I will visit there today. A young man living next door committed heinous atrocities. The killer later slit the girl’s throat and the killer’s mother helped. That mother also used to go and sit with the victim’s family. What is happening? Who wants to look at this now? Police are doing their job. But who will see as the state government? That’s why we are saying expand the cabinet, he expressed his anger. It is up to them to find out. Now the government is yours, the police is yours, then find the mastermind behind this. This is a cowardly thing to happen. This should not have happened. Maharashtra does not suit. He has also condemned the attack saying that if there are activists of NCP, take this action against them.

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