‘Action plan’ to prevent accidents on Mumbai-Pune Expressway, 24-hour patrolling through 12 patrol teams

Mumbai – Pune Expressway: An ‘Action Plan’ has been designed to prevent accidents on the Mumbai – Pune Expressway. On this occasion, orders were given for long-term public awareness and implementation in order to reduce the number of accidents on the Mumbai-Pune expressway as well as the old highway and create discipline among the drivers. According to the Transport Department ‘Security’ This activity has been undertaken. For this activity, a total of 12 teams of officials from the regional transport offices of Mumbai, Pune, Panvel, Pimpri Chinchwad in the motor vehicle department have been formed and 30 officers have been appointed in each team. 6 teams and 15 officers will be working 24 hours each on both the highways. Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri, Panvel, Pen transport department will patrol. The ‘black spot’ on the Mumbai – Pune Express route will be surveyed through this. State Transport Deputy Commissioner Abhay Deshpande inspected the expressway today.

The series of accidents on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, which connects the two districts of Mumbai and Pune, continues. In this, accidents are happening on this route every day and many passengers are facing serious injuries and death. Due to this, an ‘Action-Plan’ has been prepared by the State Transport Department to prevent accidents on this route. In this, black-spots and dangerous areas on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway were inspected by officials of the Transport Department. On this occasion, Deputy Commissioner of State Transport Department Abhay Deshpande was present. At this time, efforts will be made to install reflectors at necessary places on the highway, notice boards at dangerous places, special lighting schemes to prevent accidents. So, for the next six months, this road will be patrolled 24 hours by a patrol team. In this, 12 patrol teams of the Transport Department will be deployed in Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri, Pen, Panvel and action will be taken against the drivers who violate the traffic rules. 

Meanwhile, today Maharashtra Deputy Regional Officer of Pen, Panvel, Pimpri along with State Transport Deputy Commissioner Abhay Deshpande and President of Social Organization for the Relief of Accident Victims Gurunath Sahilkar inspected the highway. At this time, an attempt was made to find out the causes of accidents by surveying the dangerous ‘black-spots’ on the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway and  the old Mumbai-Pune Highway. An ‘Action-Plan’ has been prepared to prevent accidents on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. In this, 12 teams of the state transport department will patrol 24 hours to take action against vehicles violating the rules. This ‘action-plan’ will be implemented for the next six months from December 1 and 12 patrol teams will be deployed on this entire highway. 

It is seen that many heavy vehicles on the slope of this road are running in ‘neutral’ mode in an attempt to save diesel, Mumbai – Pune President of the social organization Gurunath Sahilkar has said to help the accident victims on the expressway. Due to this, passenger Manoj Thakur has predicted that if a ‘signal’ system and vertical light indicators are installed on both sides of the road, it will be possible to control the speed of the vehicles and avoid accidents to some extent.

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