Abdul Sattar In Pune: Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar spoke clearly on the decision to sell wine in malls, said…

Abdul Sattar In Pune: The decision to sell wine in malls will be for the benefit of the state and the farmers, for that I am supporting this decision as Agriculture Minister. Decisions which are in the interest of farmers. Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar has expressed a clear opinion that he will always support him. He also expressed confidence that Excise Minister Shambhuraje Desai would be successful in convincing the BJP leaders how this policy of selling wine is beneficial to the farmers. He was speaking in Pune.

There have been many misconceptions about the wine sales strategy in the past. But this time nothing like that will happen. At this time, many strategies will be planned regarding the decision to sell wine. These policies will be studied properly. After that, he also clarified that all the decisions will be taken by taking all BJP leaders into confidence.

Girls Deliberately Listed in TET Scam

State Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar has demanded that an officer in the education department deliberately put the names of his daughters in the TET scam list and a secretary-level officer should investigate this. Abdul Sattar has said that this is a conspiracy against me and he has told this to the Chief Minister.  He expressed the hope that in the next 15 days, milk should be milk and water should be water.  Abdul Sattar’s two daughters’ names were in the limelight after the TET scam.

What decision will the Shinde-Fadnavis government take?

The decision to sell wine was aggressively criticized by BJP government leaders two years ago. It was criticized in the words that they are working to spoil the people, but now it will be important to see what decision the Shinde-Fadnavis government will take on Shambhu Raj’s statement.

Will Thackeray fulfill the government’s dream?

The decision to sell wine in malls was taken by the Thackeray government. At that time, many BJP leaders criticized this. At that time the Thackeray government had to withdraw this decision. This decision will benefit the farmers. It will also help to get a platform for the sale of agricultural products used in the production of wine. Also, it was said by the Thackeray government that the farmers who produce grapes, mangoes, oranges, sugarcane and crops needed for wine production will benefit from this decision. But after the criticism, he had to withdraw this decision. 

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