A farmer in Junnar commits suicide saying ‘Happy Birthday Modisaheb’

Pune Crime News: In Junnar taluka of Pune (Pune Junnar News), a farmer has committed suicide due to debt. Before committing suicide, this farmer wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday. It is mentioned in the note written before suicide. The name of the farmer who committed suicide was Dashrath Laxman Kedari. The Modi government has expressed its regret for not giving guaranteed price to the farmers. The note notes that the prices of onions and tomatoes, the crisis of corona and heavy rains and the sasemira of finance companies and lenders to pay their debts have left them fed up. This incident has created a sensation in the area and is being expressed everywhere. 

We don’t beg. We plant different crops in agriculture, facing many challenges, it is a kind of gamble. I am tired of this kind of life. So today I am committing suicide. While committing suicide, he demanded from the Modi government to give us the market price of our rights. He also wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday.

But the tomatoes were damaged in the first rain, while the soybean crop got out of hand in the last week’s rain. Dashrath went to the Talathi office on September 17 to get the Panchnama of these soybean crops done. After sitting there for two hours, he returned after demanding Panchnama. But after that, around noon, he first took poison and then committed suicide by jumping into the farm pond.

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