Yamuna Pollution: To divert attention, Kejriwal is pleading for cleaning of Yamuna: Congress

Special Correspondent, New Delhi
Delhi Pradesh Congress President Anil Kumar said that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is pleading for cleaning the Yamuna by 2025 to divert attention from the pollution crisis. As soon as he came to power in 2015, Kejriwal had promised to clean the Yamuna in 4 years. In the last 7 years, even after spending crores, apart from making false promises, no scheme related to cleaning Yamuna was started. Anil Kumar said that on the 6 points on which the Chief Minister is talking about a war footing by making an action plan for cleaning Yamuna, till date the Delhi Government has not seriously formulated an implemented plan for cleaning Yamuna. Kejriwal government did not implement any plan in 7 years on any point out of sewerage treatment, cleaning of drains, industrial waste, slum filth, sewer connection and sewer network. The plan succumbed to corruption. The state president said that the 600 MGD sewerage treatment that Kejriwal is talking about had a sewage treatment capacity of 545 MGD during the Sheila government of Congress in 2012-13. Kejriwal government did not increase the sewerage treatment capacity in 7 years, now the sewerage treatment capacity up to 800 MGD by 2025 is misleading Delhiites by talking about increasing the capacity by making new plants Okhla, Kondli and Rithala treatment plants. He said that in order to improve the water quality of Yamuna, the Delhi Jal Board had to complete the construction of sewage treatment plant at Okhla in May 2021 at a cost of Rs 1,161 crore to treat 124 million gallons of waste water per day, which was to be completed in the next two years. has been extended to.

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