Why did the Delhi government not fix the drainage system in 7 years: Congress

Special Correspondent, New Delhi
Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee President Chaudhary Anil Kumar has targeted the Kejriwal government of Delhi. He said that Delhiites should be prepared for many years to face waterlogging and traffic jams due to monsoon, as Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal sought more years to improve the drainage system of Delhi despite ruling for seven years. Whereas every year after the waterlogging after the monsoon rains, Kejriwal has been talking about building a world-class drainage system.

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Anil Kumar took a dig at Kejriwal saying that he has inherited the drainage system of Delhi. Perhaps he is forgetting that he has also ruled for half the time since the Congress rule. Anil said that in order to improve the drainage system of Delhi, the Sheila Dikshit government had formed a committee in 2012 to study the drainage system of Delhi, on whose report the Delhi government has remained silent till date. Anil said that Kejriwal’s policy of not working and blaming others has become a policy, while Delhiites know that the drainage system in Delhi was fine during the Congress government. Why is Kejriwal silent on the report of the expert committee for the drainage system?

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At the same time, Anil Kumar raised the issue of dengue and said that for the last several days, mysterious fever is spreading rapidly among children in the neighboring states and Delhi has also reported many cases of mysterious fever. According to experts, due to Kovid, after getting tested for mysterious fever, both dengue and malaria tests are coming positive. The Delhi government is insensitive in such a worrying situation. Anil Kumar said that daily cases of mysterious fever are coming to OPD in Chacha Nehru Hospital. Viral fever cases are being reported in 25 percent of children in OPDs of general hospitals in Delhi. A large number of children are getting admitted due to viral fever. In such a situation, the ICU beds are completely full.

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