Who is the ‘girl’ who threatened Nitin Gadkari? In custody for questioning, Nagpur police leaves for Karnataka

Who is the ‘girl’ who threatened Nitin Gadkari?  In custody for questioning, Nagpur police leaves for Karnataka

Mumbai: A ransom of Rs 10 crore was called on the Public Relations Office of India’s Union Minister Nitin Gadkari in Nagpur on Tuesday. He was threatened with death if the ransom was not paid. Now in this case, the Mangalore police has detained a young woman for questioning. At present the role of the girl is doubtful. The local police is busy questioning him. A team of Nagpur Police has left for further investigation in the matter. In this case, a case of death threat and extortion has been registered at Nagpur’s Dhantoli police station. Gadkari had received information about receiving death threats on the phone twice on Tuesday morning. These threatening calls came to the public relations office of Nitin Gadkari. The special thing is that before this, on January 14, a threatening phone call was received from Belgaum jail. At that time the accused named Jayesh Pujari had threatened the office number.

However, on Tuesday also the threat was received again in the name of the same Jayesh Pujari alias Jayesh Kantha. As soon as the information about the case was received, the police department also started the investigation of the case. The office where the threat was received is near Orange City Hospital in Nagpur. When the threat came in the month of January, there was talk of bombing his office with death threats. Apart from this, an extortion of Rs 100 crore was sought. He was threatened with death for not giving the money. However, in this case of threats, the questioning of a girl regarding threats is making the case even more complicated.

Three threat calls were received on January 14
This is not the first case of threat to Nitin Gadkari. Earlier this year, on January 14, two threatening calls were received around 11:30 am. The first threatening phone call was received at 11:29 in the morning, followed by the second phone call at 11:35 and the third phone call at 12:32 in the afternoon. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, Maharashtra ATS was also involved in the investigation. During investigation, it was revealed that the threat call was made by Jayesh Pujari alias Jayesh Kantha, an inmate lodged in Belgaum jail. Since then the question had also arisen that how did the mobile reach the prisoner inside the jail.

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