UP Vidhansabha Chunav: All BJP MLAs will give their report card, target to make 100 new members in every booth

New Delhi/Lucknow
Assembly elections in UP (Up Assembly ElectionBefore this, all BJP MLAs will give their report cards. The report card of the government will also be given. on 19 september BJP in UP The report card of the government will be placed before the public. In which it will be told what work has been done by the government in four and a half years. By the way, even after the completion of four years of the government, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had released the account of the functioning of the government.

On September 20, all BJP MLAs will present their report cards in their respective constituencies. The opposition is constantly accusing BJP that BJP is trying to create a communal divide before the elections. A BJP leader said that through the report card of the government and the MLAs, we will tell that we will fight the elections on the issue of development and BJP has not discriminated on the basis of caste or religion but has worked for the development of all.

BJP will celebrate Antyodaya Diwas from September 25 to October 2
BJP will also celebrate Antyodaya Diwas from 25 September to 2 October. Garib Kalyan Mela will be organized in every block. BJP will also run membership drive in UP. A target has been set to have at least 100 new members in each booth. Assembly elections are due early next year in UP and BJP is making every effort to return to power.

What are the challenges before BJP?
There are also challenges before the BJP because the farmers’ movement against the new agricultural laws is going on continuously and it is believed that it will have an impact on the seats of western Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, in the second wave of Corona, questions were raised on the UP government regarding the management and the people of the party also raised questions. BJP will have to overcome all this.

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