Those who think we are government, friends, leave the worldliness… in UP, the one who answers the question with ‘Baba’ Anamika Jain Amber

Those who think we are government, friends, leave the worldliness… in UP, the one who answers the question with ‘Baba’ Anamika Jain Amber
Lucknow: These days poets are also seen writing poems in favor and opposition in Uttar Pradesh. One section is busy asking questions to the government, while the other section is busy answering them. Both the factions have often been seen fighting in TV debates. What is the reason for this? The issue was discussed with poetess Anamika Jain Ambar, who writes poems in favor of the government or answers the questions asked by the government through poetry. On the question of writing poems in favor of the government, he said that whatever is good and bad has been written through poems like a mirror. The difference is that earlier people used to take it for granted. Now people have started reacting, due to which it is getting highlighted. Otherwise, the pros and cons of the system have been discussed earlier as well. My writing, my pen is standing with the party, institution and the country which is standing with it. I talk about patriotism. If someone is doing patriotism, I believe in praising him openly.

Earlier also poets used to criticize the government, but now when asked about the reason for being imprisoned, Amber said that earlier also I have been criticizing and praising through poetry. Some people may have sponsored it. I am not a random poet. Like some people suddenly want to shine by creating controversy. I have been singing poems on stages for almost 20 years. I have a lot of platform experience. I have conducted a show called Kavi Yudh. The formation of the government has an effect on the poet. There can be two types of people among poets. One government is in favor and the other is in opposition. We have to stand with the one who is standing in defense of India’s culture.

Remind Valmiki, Chandrabardai on the title of government poet…

People are falling short in the government, so in response to making you a shield, Anamika said that the government is doing its work. I am telling him This is not sponsored by me. On the title of government poet, he said that the work of Lord Shriram was praised by poet Maharishi Valmiki. Chandrabardai did the work of encouraging Prithviraj Chauhan. If Chandrabardai had criticized during the war, would he have got success? Poets have also become those who had to write songs of encouragement to the king for the cause of nationalism. Gave them guidance from time to time. If doing patriotism is official, then I am official. If it is official to support the protector of Indian culture, then I am.

In response to a question, she said that I come from the backward district of Bundelkhand, the development of Bundelkhand was not on the agenda of the previous governments, but see now. The development is happening at a fast pace. From one side the helplessness of Kovid was depicted, but development was not shown. That’s why I had to write the song. I released the video after the second government was formed. I am standing with saving the country and saving the culture. I did not sing any false song. Watch the video then you will understand.

Spoke on the question of criticism and notice of the government…

In the question of notice to a poet for criticizing the government, he said that some want to become big with the help of a small way. The one who is concerned with work, why would he do such a small act? Not much to say in this matter. If notice had to be sent, then he has said very bad things about the government even before this. Nothing has happened on that. He has written four lines about this which are as follows:

We have said bad to bad, we have said good to good,
Listen, by betting on the country, never weigh yourself…
Those who think we are government,
Let’s play Holi together friends, leave worldliness.

It is to be known that since the UP assembly elections-2022, Anamika Amber had become very popular with the song UP Mein Baba Hai while replying to singer Neha Singh Rathore’s song UP Mein Ka Ba. Once again he has released a new video of UP Mein Baba Hai in response to Neha Singh Rathor’s UP Mein Ka Ba. While Neha Singh Rathore is seen questioning the government in her Bhojpuri style, Anamika is seen praising the government in her Bundelkhandi style.

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