…So the loudspeaker issue ended in Maharashtra? Sanjay Raut said – Center should make policy

Mumbai: Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut while talking to media persons said that the issue of loudspeaker in Maharashtra is over now. The work is being done according to the law. He said that there is peace in Maharashtra. However, some people were working to spoil the atmosphere. But people of all castes and religions living in Maharashtra have given a befitting reply to such people. A universal policy should be made in the whole country regarding loudspeakers. Targeting Raj Thackeray, he said that the Hindu society has the most displeasure due to the issue of loudspeakers. Efforts are being made to create division in Hindu society. He said that all political loudspeakers have disappeared due to the fear of the police. There is rule of law in the country and work is being done accordingly.

BJP silent on inflation
Targeting BJP, Sanjay Raut said that inflation is at its peak. The prices of all essential things including diesel-petrol and LPG cylinders are increasing day by day. Despite this, not a single BJP leader talks about an important issue like inflation and related to the common man. He said that the way BJP leaders shout on the issue of loudspeakers. Similarly, he should speak about inflation in front of the public. Taking a jibe at Narendra Modi, he said that the prime minister is more interested in the ongoing war between other countries. His devotees are praising him on this matter. But the citizens of the country are fighting a war with inflation. What is their fault after all?

What did Dilip Walse Patil say on the loudspeaker?
Maharashtra Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil had also demanded from the central government a few days ago that a universal policy should be made on the issue of loudspeakers. Which should be implemented in the whole country. Let us tell you that there was a ruckus in the politics of Maharashtra on the issue of loudspeakers till some time ago. MNS, BJP and Rana couple were continuously attacking the Mahavikas Aghadi government together. The Rana couple had to stay behind the bars of a jail for more than a week after the announcement of reading Hanuman Chalisa outside the CM’s private residence. He was granted bail by the court on Wednesday.

Raj Thackeray: The one who troubled Balasaheb all his life, today his clip is going viral, Sanjay Raut’s attack on Raj
Chief Minister’s post was not my dream
Targeting BJP in a program of LIC, Uddhav Thackeray said that no one has an eye on the enemies of the country. Where and what are the enemies of the party doing. Special attention is being paid to this. Very low level politics has started in Maharashtra. He said that it was never my dream to become the Chief Minister. But it was definitely my wish to become the CM of my party. Uddhav said that the disease of privatization is increasing at present. If you want to stop the future from going into darkness, then from now on start working with full dedication. Don’t slow down your speed. Targeting Raj, he said that how long will he remain silent and listen. On May 14th, I am taking a meeting. Every question will get an answer.