Sanjay Raut Wife: Now Varsha Raut is questioned by ED, what is the connection of Sanjay Raut’s wife in Patra Chawl scam?

Mumbai: The custody of Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut, who was arrested in Mumbai’s Patra Chawl scam on July 31, has been extended till August 8. Now a notice has also been sent to his wife Varsha Raut. The ED said that the summons was issued after the transactions done in Varsha’s account came to light. The ED had in April provisionally attached assets worth over Rs 11.15 crore of two associates of Varsha and Sanjay Raut.

The ED had also attached Sanjay Raut’s assets in April in connection with the land scam. The ED had also attached assets worth Rs 9 crore of Sanjay Raut’s aide Praveen Raut and other assets worth Rs 2 crore of Sanjay Raut’s wife Varsha Raut. Praveen has also been arrested in this case. He has eight plots in Alibaug and also a flat registered in the name of Varsha Raut, which has been attached.

checking accounts of rain
In the Sanjay Raut case, the ED is in the process of recording the statements of those who took cash payment from him for the Alibaug land. Which were allegedly purchased using payment from a developer associated with the MHADA project. Those who deposited money in his wife’s account are also being questioned.

Names of witnesses not disclosed
The ED has called people involved in the Alibaug land deal to record their statements on Friday and Saturday. The ED said that the names of those people have not been disclosed so that they are not threatened by the accused. The ED alleged that according to these documents, the purchase of properties in Alibaug was done by giving cash to the land owners. It is also alleged that Raut had threatened the land owners to sell their land to them near K Him Beach in Alibaug.

Why was Varsha given such a huge amount?
The ED has summoned Varsha Raut for questioning as a major part of the money deposited in her account was found from Praveen Raut. Praveen was given the task of redevelopment of Patra Chawl. The remand application of the Shiv Sena spokesperson said, “When several bank accounts were checked in the presence of Sanjay Raut, it was found that a substantial amount was found in the account of Varsha Raut.” The ED alleged that why such a huge amount was paid to his wife? The ED is examining the KYC documents and statements of the respective bank accounts.

An ED official said that we had filed a charge sheet against HDIL’s Praveen, Sarang Wadhawan and Rakesh Wadhawan and Guru Ashish Construction and others in the case. During the probe, the ED was also apprised of the fact that Praveen had allegedly paid Rs 55 lakh to Varsha and the payment was made by Praveen’s wife through her bank account. It was also alleged that Praveen had borne the expenses of Sanjay Raut’s travel which included his hotel stay and air tickets.

Varsha is a teacher, teaches in Bhandup’s school
Varsha Raut was married to Sanjay Raut in 1993. He has nothing to do with politics. She teaches in a school in Bhandup. Although she is associated with film production and her recent film was ‘Thackeray’.

Varsha Raut is Sanjay Raut’s business partner
According to what Sanjay Raut has told in his election affidavit, Varsha Raut is a partner in three companies. He is a partner in Reuters Entertainment LLP, Sanatan Motors Pvt Ltd and Siddhant Ciscon Pvt Ltd. Reuters had produced the film Thackeray. According to the affidavit in the year 2014-15, Varsha Raut’s income was 13,15,254.

ED notice has already been received
Varsha Raut, a school teacher by profession, came into the limelight when the ED sent her a notice for questioning in the Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank scam case. Buy 9 plots?
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