Raj Thackeray: If the case is not registered against Raj Thackeray, then in the same field… what is the gesture of AIMIM MP Imtiaz Jaleel?

Mumbai: After the meeting of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) President Raj Thackeray in Aurangabad, the political temperature of the state has increased significantly. After this meeting, AIMIM MP Imtiyaz Jaleel has warned that if a case is not registered against Raj Thackeray, he will also hold a meeting with even more crowd in the same ground. At the same time, during the meeting, he will use dangerous words than the words spoken by Raj Thackeray. He said that a case has not been registered against Raj Thackeray yet. If FIR cannot be registered against him then no action can be taken against me also. Imtiaz Jaleel has warned the police administration of the city. He said that during the meeting in Aurangabad, the local police had given permission to Raj Thackeray to organize the meeting with certain terms and conditions. Despite this, no action was taken against Raj Thackeray.

What did Imtiaz Jaleel say?
Imtiaz Jaleel said that all the rules set by the police were grossly violated in the meeting of Raj Thackeray. Despite this, the police did not take any action. We are also waiting what action the police will take against the MNS chief and the workers. He said that if the meeting had ended at 9.30 pm, an FIR should have been registered against him at 10 am. Why is the government and the police sitting silent? What kind of logic is that? Does Uddhav Thackeray love his brother more than the law, is there a different rule for him? Jalil said that the Home Ministry of the Maharashtra government is with the NCP. If he thinks that there will be an alliance with MNS in the coming elections, then how will it be possible? Is this why action is not being taken? He said that he would not allow this to happen at all.

So just write it down…
AIMIM MP Imtiaz Jaleel said that if action is not taken against Raj Thackeray, then our role is completely clear for the future. He said that the rule is same for all. If action is not taken against them, then it cannot be done against me either. You keep it in writing, if the police do not take strict action against the MNS chief, then I will hold a meeting on the same ground with more public than him. Apart from this, I will use better language than the language in which he has spoken.

MNS on the back foot?
After this move of Raj Thackeray, the discussion has started in the politics of Maharashtra whether MNS has come on the back foot after the strictness of the government. On the other hand, Maharashtra Home Minister Dilip Walse Patil has also decided to investigate Raj Thackeray’s speech in Aurangabad.