Property dispute deepens in the family of Apna Dal founder Sonelal Patel

New Delhi, Nov 21 (PTI) Ahead of the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the battle over the legacy of Apna Dal founder Sonelal Patel has intensified in the party. Aman Patel, one of the four daughters of Sonelal Patel, has written a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah making serious allegations against his own elder sister Pallavi Patel and has appealed for the protection of mother Krishna Patel.

In a letter to Shah, Aman Patel accused Pallavi of grabbing his father’s property, saying “an unpleasant incident” could happen to his mother Krishna Patel at any time. In the letter, he has requested Shah to provide security to Krishna Patel.

When Aman Patel was talked to about this, she confirmed the letter to Shah and told PTI that she would fight “every war” against the injustice meted out to her.

Aman Patel had also written a similar letter to the Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh.

It is to be known that Sonelal Patel had formed Apna Dal in 1995. He was a well-known leader of his time and had a strong presence in the Kurmi community in eastern Uttar Pradesh. After the death of Sonelal Patel in 2009, the leadership of the party was in the hands of his wife Krishna Patel. Later due to family differences, daughter Anupriya Patel formed her own separate party Apna Dal (Sonelal) in 2016. The family fight even reached the court. Due to controversies, Krishna Patel formed a new party named Apna Dal (Communist).

In the midst of this fight, Anupriya Patel established her political identity. She formed an alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party and after winning the election became a minister in the central government. Presently he is the Minister of State for Commerce and Industry.

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