Patra Chawl: What have we done to Sanjay Raut? If I get it, listen to the pain of the residents of Patra Chawl

Mumbai: What did we do to Sanjay Raut? If I find him, I will beat him with chappals with chappals. This is the anger of the 85-year-old Shantabai Maruti Sonawane, the victim of Patra Chawl. She told Navbharat Times Online when she was 13 years old. Then after marriage, she had come to live here, at that time the rent was Rs 20. Rent is skyrocketing today. But there is no trace of him either. After vacating the house, the builder paid rent for a few years but after that he raised his hands. She is repeatedly asking the same question that what have we done wrong to Sanjay Raut? Why do we have to travel because of his scam?

Shantabai told that now we have no hope. From the age of thirteen, I have turned 85 today. But till now the flat which was going to be given instead of our house. There is no trace of him. Whether it will be available in my life or not, I have no hope now. He said that leaders come here, make promises and leave after that no one even looks back. Today every person living in this chawl is homeless. Just like he is living. There is no special source of income at Shantabai’s house. The family makes a living by working in the homes of others.

run or rent a house
Shantabai told that after leaving Patra Chawl, we are living in a rented house. Whose rent is 20 thousand, if the rent is late even for a day or two, then the owner says to leave the house. So how do we run our family? He told that there is no earner in our house. The women of the family are earning bread for two times by working in the homes of others. Many families are living in one house. He said that through TV we came to know that there has been a scam in Patra Chawl. On hearing Sanjay Raut’s name, the woman gets furious. She asks did Sanjay Raut’s father give us the house?

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