Patra Chawl Ground Report: No begging is a right! How many people died in this hope… Patra Chawl became the grave of dreams

Mumbai: We are not begging you. We just need to get the house we deserve. Today we are sitting on the road, the heart burns. We have come on the road only because of these scamsters. I am today, will not be there tomorrow but my children should get their home. Every minister comes and says that today he will give home, tomorrow he will give but nothing is received. Do not know how many people died in this hope. These words are not mine but from a victim of Goregaon Patra Chawl in Patra Chawl. who have crossed 60 years of age. She says that ministers and leaders often come, they also make promises but no one fulfills them.

The situation is that the builder has also stopped paying rent for many years. 8 people in the family are the eaters, only one earner. After all, how do we live? Our house was taken away. Forcibly evacuated the house and later got the bulldozers started. I did not want to leave the house but left the house at the behest of the children. Today we do not have our own roof to live in.

How are we living, only we know what they are…
Another victim of Patra Chawl also said in a conversation with Navbharat Times Online that how we are passing the day. We only know that, what difference does it make to them? It has been thirteen years since my family did not get the rent. When the house was vacated, it was said that after one year the house will be available, but leave the house, the rent has also been stopped. Many people went to the village due to lack of home. Many people have passed away in the hope of getting home. We don’t trust anyone until we get the keys to the house.

What is Patra Chawl scam?
Let us tell you that Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has been arrested in this scam on money laundering charges. The scam started in the year 2007. It was then alleged that the scam was carried out in connivance of Guru Ashish Construction and HDIL (Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited) along with MHADA. Initially, MHADA entrusted the work of redevelopment of Patra Chawl to Guru Ashish Construction.

There is an allegation of scam of Rs 1034 crore in this case. This company is owned by Praveen Raut. Who is a close friend of Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut. This company has been accused of cheating the people of Chawl. Here more than 3000 flats were to be built in the letter. Out of which 672-year-old Chawl residents were to meet. But the land was sold to private builders.

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