Our alliance with the public… Congress’s enthusiasm is high in UP after the victory in Karnataka, will stake claim on all 80 seats

Our alliance with the public… Congress’s enthusiasm is high in UP after the victory in Karnataka, will stake claim on all 80 seats
Abhay Singh, Lucknow: All political parties have started preparing their respective land for the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections. While Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is preparing a third front to oust Narendra Modi from power. On the other hand, BJP has already started on a war footing to put a hat-trick of victory on the face of its charismatic PM Narendra Modi. On the other hand, after forming the government with absolute majority in the Karnataka assembly elections, new life has returned to the Congress party. The enthusiasm of Congress workers from the senior leaders to the lower level has become high at this time. In this sequence, Congress has made a big claim regarding Uttar Pradesh with 80 Lok Sabha seats.

Our alliance with the public – Congress State President

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Denying everything, UP Congress President Brijlal Khabri has made it clear that the Congress will contest all the 80 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh with full force. He said that the public had given immense love and support to the Congress in the municipal elections, but the BJP government looted democracy with the help of the police. Brijlal Khabri said that our alliance is with the public and we will win the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 under the leadership of our experienced leadership National President Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who has been constantly besieging the BJP government on public issues, and the struggling UP in-charge and National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. Will go between

BJP’s eye on Rae Bareli seat
On the other hand, if we talk about the situation of Congress in UP, then in the last few elections, the Congress party has not performed any spectacularly. Along with the 2014, 2019 Lok Sabha seats, the Congress has not been able to show any special charisma in the 2017, 2022 assembly elections as well. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress could win only two seats in UP, while it had to face defeat in 78 Lok Sabha seats. At the same time, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the situation of Congress had become more worrying. The Congress has somehow been able to save the Rae Bareli Lok Sabha seat in this election. The condition was that in 2019, the biggest leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi could not even save his stronghold Amethi. BJP candidate Smriti Irani had won unilaterally from Amethi. At the same time, BJP is making a special plan to win the Rae Bareli seat as well.

In 2022, only 2 Congress MLAs became
On the other hand, in the last assembly elections, out of 403 seats, Congress could win only on 2 seats. Pratapgarh’s Rampur Khas seat, which had become a Congress bastion for the first time, Aradhana Mishra Mona, daughter of Rajya Sabha MP Pramod Tiwari, defeated BJP’s Nagesh Pratap Singh alias Chhote Sarkar by 14 thousand 741 votes. Pramod Tiwari has been MLA from here for nine consecutive terms from Rampur Khas assembly seat, this seat has been in the possession of Congress continuously since 1980.

There is not a single MLC of Congress in UP
Along with this, Congress candidate Virendra Chaudhary was elected from Farenda seat of Maharajganj district. This fate happened when Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi fought with full vigor in the election by giving the slogan of Ladki Ho Lad Sakti Hoon. And the number of Congress in the assembly is equal to that of Jansatta Dal Loktantrik Party of Kunda MLA Raghuraj Pratap Singh Raja Bhaiya. On the other hand, the number of Congress in the Legislative Council is zero. Congress has not been able to win even a single mayor’s seat in the recently concluded Municipal Corporation elections.

Groupism dominates in UP Congress, leaders leaving
At the same time, the factionalism going on within the party is also believed to be responsible for the poor performance of the Congress in UP. The same factionalism was also seen during ticket distribution for civic body elections. Annoyed with ticket distribution, Lucknow City Congress Committee South President Dilpreet Singh had joined BJP a few days before the election. Dilpreet Singh told NBT Online that the workers are being ignored in the Congress party. He said that since the time of 2019 Lok Sabha, we were working in such an environment.

Priyanka Gandhi being kept in the dark – former Congress leader
At the same time, he said that the facilitators of Priyanka Gandhi are not conveying the right news to them, they are kept in the dark. On the other hand, Dilpreet told that state president Brijlal Khabri is not working in Congress. Somewhere or the other the people of the State Congress Committee dominate the State President. State President Brijlal Khabri is standing alone on one side, all other members of the committee are working to suppress him. In the last few years, many leaders complaining of factionalism have left the Congress and gone to other parties.

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