OPS strike: Teachers in Maharashtra stopped the work of checking paper, board exam will be affected?

OPS strike: Teachers in Maharashtra stopped the work of checking paper, board exam will be affected?

Mumbai: The teachers, who teach the students about their rights, took to the streets on Tuesday demanding their rights. Teachers have stopped working for the demand of old pension scheme. However, on the first day of the strike, it did not show much effect in the educational institutions of Mumbai. Schools opened as usual. School managers were seen handling the work with the help of teachers getting the benefits of the old pension scheme. To put pressure on the government, the teachers have stopped the work of checking the answer sheets of class 10th and 12th. The impact of the strike may also affect the 10th board examination to be held on Wednesday. According to Rajesh Pandya, vice-president of the Teachers Democratic Front, the government is doing injustice to teachers and education workers by forcibly imposing the new pension scheme. When a leader wins the election only for 5 years, he gets the benefit of pension and other facilities for life.

At the same time, the government is nervous about giving pension to teachers who have worked for years. According to Shivnath Darade, Mumbai Karyavah of the Maharashtra State Teachers Council, the agitation will continue until the old pension scheme is implemented again. Soon other people will also join the movement to intensify the movement.

Difference between old and new pension
According to Rajesh Pandya, if a teacher retires after serving for about 15 years under the old pension scheme, he gets a minimum pension of about Rs 15,000 every month. Also, the amount of pension increases when the age of the beneficiary is more than 65 years. After the death of the teacher, his family gets the benefit of pension. In the new pension scheme, on retirement of a teacher after 15 years of service, he will get a pension of only Rs 2 to 5 thousand. According to teacher Manoj Rai, the government is including teachers appointed till 2004 in the old pension scheme and teachers and education workers appointed from 2005 in the new pension scheme. This rule of the government is wrong, all education workers should get the benefit of the same old pension.

Got support in Bhinwadi
All the employees of Bhiwandi Tehsildar Office and Panchayat Samiti Office joined and supported the strike of government employees in Maharashtra for implementation of old pension scheme and other demands. Panchayat Samiti employees and revenue department employees protested in front of Tehsildar’s office by raising slogans.

Effect was also seen in welfare
The effect of the strike for the old pension scheme was also seen in Kalyan. In Kalyan, the teachers wore black armbands and worked through the Maharashtra State Education Revolution Association. Meanwhile, a delegation of District President Gajanan Patil, District Secretary of Maharashtra Rajya Shiksha Kranti Sangh Thomas Shingare went to the Tehsildar’s office and demanded that the old pension scheme be implemented.

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