OPS Strike in Maharashtra: What is ESMA and MESMA? Learn how to crack down on striking employees

OPS Strike in Maharashtra: What is ESMA and MESMA?  Learn how to crack down on striking employees

Mumbai: The strike of government employees continues for the second day in Maharashtra regarding the old pension scheme. Which has increased the difficulties of the Shinde-Fadnavis government. To stop this strike, the government has also warned the employees to impose ‘MESMA’. However, the term of MESMA was to end in February 2023. In view of this, on Tuesday, the government got the Maharashtra Essential Services Security Act (MESMA) passed in the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council. Now the government can take action against the striking employees under MESMA. The government had yesterday decided to reinstate the law after state government employees threatened to go on strike. The government has extended this law for the next five years by introducing bills in this regard in both the Houses.

What is ESMA?
ESMA stands for Essential Services Management Act. It is known as the Essential Services Maintenance Act in Hindi. This law is used when workers go on strike. This law is used to stop the strike. The special thing is that this law can be imposed for a maximum of 6 months. However, before implementing this law, it is necessary for the government to give a notification to the employees.

Under what circumstances is the ESMA Act invoked?
Usually this law is imposed by any government when all the ways to stop the strike are closed. Along with this, the adverse effect of the strike starts falling on the essential services. The service on which this law is imposed. The workers associated with it cannot go on strike again. On the other hand, if an employee does not follow this law, then he can be imprisoned for 6 months or a fine of two hundred and fifty rupees or both.

What is MESMA??
Like ESMA, the government in Maharashtra has enacted the ‘Maharashtra Essential Services Maintenance Act’. The rules to implement which are exactly like ESMA.

What is the provision of punishment?
Prohibition of going on strike by employees of any essential service

There is a provision of imprisonment of one year or a fine of three thousand rupees for the employees who instigate the strike to participate in it.

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