No bed, no treatment… Manish Sisodia took a jibe at Yogi government by sharing a video of parents carrying a sick girl on a cycle

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is busy preparing for the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. In this sequence, senior leaders of the party and Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia (Manish SisodiaRegarding health facilities, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath (Yogi Adityanath) targeted the government.

Manish Sisodia shared a video on Twitter, in which a father is seen walking on a bicycle carrying a sick child. Along with this mother is also walking. Manish wrote, ‘See the work of Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh.. People from far flung places their children on cycles and come to the district hospital for treatment of dengue, but in the hospital … neither bed nor treatment … parents give sick child to the same We are forced to take them back under the circumstances.

This video on social media is being told of Firozabad district. Health department officials have said that there are at least 500 dengue cases in Firozabad. Along with this, some cases of malaria, leptopyrosis, typhus have also been reported. According to sources, there is an 18-bed emergency ward in Firozabad Medical College, which has 34 serious patients. Two-thirds of dengue patients are children.

A 5-year-old innocent died while waiting for treatment outside the hospital, 120 died in Firozabad so far

There have been many cases of children dying from falling space in the hospital. The 10-year-old girl of a man named Netrapal Singh did not get a bed in the hospital. After this, he died on the way while going from Firozabad to Agra. On the other hand, Shyamveer says that it took time in the paperwork of the hospital that the 5-month-old child died.

Manish Sisodia and Yogi Adityanath (File photo)

Manish Sisodia and Yogi Adityanath (File photo)

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