Mayawati UP Roads Tweet: Mayawati targets Yogi government for bad roads, said- ‘There is a pothole in the roads or a road in a pit’ in UP.


  • Mayawati lashed out at the UP government over the bad roads in UP
  • Mayawati took a jibe, said – there are roads in the roads or potholes in the roads
  • BSP chief said accidents are happening due to bad roads

In Uttar Pradesh, the Bahujan Samajwadi Party has surrounded the government on the poor condition of roads and potholes. BSP Chief Mayawati said that the condition of the roads in UP has again become so bad that people are unable to understand whether the roads have potholes or the road in the potholes.

Mayawati made a taunting tweet on the government on Wednesday. He wrote, ‘Like the law and health system in UP, common life is suffering due to the plight of the roads here. Newspapers are full of reports of road accidents and painful deaths due to potholes being filled with water, it is very sad and living proof of the failure of the government.

‘Government making only slogans and claims’
The BSP chief made a second tweet, in which he wrote, ‘Roads are especially related to the basic need and development of the people and whatever slogans and claims the government may make about them, but the condition of the roads of UP is again so bad. It has become that people are unable to understand whether there is a pothole in the road or a road in a pothole. Government should pay attention.

Demand was made to take appropriate steps in flood
Earlier, Mayawati had targeted the government over the floods in the eastern districts. He had said that due to floods in Uttar Pradesh, especially in Purvanchal, this year again the lives of lakhs of families have become very miserable due to widespread destruction and destruction. Relative government help, being mostly paper and air-borne, the life of the homeless has remained very painful, which is very sad. The government should take appropriate steps immediately.

Mayawati wrote in her second tweet, ‘Apparently in the absence of proper government help, help the people living in extreme calamity according to their ability’.

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