Maharashtra Politics: The alliance with Shiv Sena didn’t help much… What’s the point of Milind Deora’s statement?

Mumbai: Congress leader and observer for Gujarat assembly elections Milind Deora believes that the road will not be easy for the party in the upcoming elections. He says that if the party fights unitedly, it has better chances to challenge the BJP. In a conversation with our associate newspaper Economic Times, Milind Deora also talked about Maharashtra politics and targeted Shiv Sena. Milind Deora said that the alliance with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra was meant to shore up the BJP but it did not benefit the party much.

On the fall of Maha Vikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra, Milind Deora said that many leaders in Congress were not looking at Shiv Sena as a reliable partner as both the parties were not ideologically compatible with each other. Milind Deora says, “The alliance happened because we had the same objective to keep the BJP out of the government. I and many leaders in the party are of the view that Congress has benefited very little from this alliance while Shiv Sena has benefited the most.

‘Shiv Sena was targeting Congress’ core voters’
Milind Deora alleged, “Shiv Sena was actively targeting the core voters of the Congress and using alliances to drive them away from the party.” “This alliance was against religion and many leaders from different parts of the state were complaining to us,” he said. The Congress leader said the Shiv Sena’s use of the delimitation exercise to demarcate urban wards in the Mumbai Municipal Corporation angered many grassroot level workers of the party.

‘Alliance Dharma was not being followed’
The former Union minister said, “It was clearly an attempt to harm the Congress at the local level. The delimitation exercise was highly arbitrary and manipulative. Coalition governments should not work like this. Milind Deora said that many Congress leaders had expressed concern over the alliance with Shiv Sena. He said, “Many leaders felt that Shiv Sena was not following alliance dharma and asked whether we are going to form second Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) or TMC in Maharashtra by supporting Shiv Sena?”

Milind Deora’s advice to Congress
While advising the party, Milind Deora said, “If there are ideological differences, we should be careful while forming an alliance. We have seen in the past by extending support to regional parties in the states. Parties thrive on our expenses and then it becomes extremely difficult to counter them. We have seen this in Telangana and Delhi. That’s why many Congress leaders believe that the Mahavikas Aghadi alliance was harmful to the party.

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