Maharashtra loudspeaker issue: Sanjay Raut had come to surround BJP on loudspeaker, but got his own government done.

Mumbai : In the midst of the ongoing controversy over loudspeakers in Maharashtra, the Shiv Sena has been forced to remove loudspeakers from temples. The BJP and Raj Thackeray accused the Shiv Sena government of not taking action on mosques and removing loudspeakers from temples. In this matter, Sanjay Raut came under the BJP’s siege but left his own government in trouble. He asked the BJP to be surrounded that because of them Hindus would not be able to hear the sound of aarti from the temples. It is a dark day for Hindus. Actually Sanjay Raut admitted that loudspeakers have been removed from temples and BJP is behind it, but he was surrounded by his statement. The BJP had alleged that Balasaheb’s son has become a bad son. Shivsena government is useless and shameless.

Sanjay Raut said, ‘Today people in temples are unable to listen to aarti through loudspeakers, so I consider today a black day for Hindus. This had never happened in history. But today is a black day because of the kind of politics the BJP has started with Raj Thackeray ji.

Loudspeakers removed from Shirdi and Trimbakeshwar
The Shiv Sena spokesperson himself admitted that the loudspeakers of many temples, including Shirdi and Trimbakeshwar temple, were removed on Wednesday. Devotees could not enjoy early morning Kakad Aarti due to trumpet politicians who throttle Hindutva as trumpet was switched off at many pilgrimage places including Shirdi and Trembakeshwar, he said. Kakad Aarti has been played in the temple for many years but today it is not heard.

‘Black day for Hindus’
The Shiv Sena MP said, “It is not just about loudspeakers in mosques, in Maharashtra, aarti is performed early in the morning and people often listen to them through loudspeakers as they all cannot enter the temple premises, but This cannot happen today, which is unfortunate.

BJP spokesperson Prem Shukla said, “It is a dark day for Hindus as loudspeakers were not removed from mosques, loudspeakers were not spared from temples. Balasaheb’s son proved to be such a wicked son. Azan continues from mosques. The government is useless, shameless, anti-Hindu, Sanjay Raut is proving it. So loudspeakers came down from Shirdi and Trimbakeshwar but did not remove from mosques. The ideology of Hindus has been immersed. Where is the law being followed, he said. Action is being taken on temples. Action was taken at MNS office. This is a protest against the act of discrimination. Remove loudspeakers from gurdwaras, churches, temples and mosques everywhere. Why are you removing loudspeakers only from temples? Penalties are imposed on Ganeshotva and Dandiya. Why not on Ramzan and Eid?’

VHP spokesperson Sriraj Nair said, “This is a social issue, not a political one. Law is at the top. The Supreme Court has given a decision, did not allow the procession to be taken out on Ram Navami. Loudspeakers are being removed from temples. Only doing politics of favoritism.

‘Use of Raj Thackeray to create rift between Hindus’
Sanjay Raut said that the decision of the Supreme Court is the same for everyone. Now our temples are also bearing the brunt of this. It is a black day for us Hindus that people cannot listen to Aarti because of BJP politics with Raj Thackeray. He also alleged that BJP was behind the loudspeaker controversy in Maharashtra. They are using Raj Thackeray to create rift among Hindus in the state.

‘Hindutva school of Shiv Sena is original’
The Shiv Sena leader said that there are no illegal loudspeakers in the state and Maharashtra Nav Nirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray was spreading gimmicks over the issue. He said that it is Bala Thackeray and Veer Savarkar who have taught Hindutva to the country. The Hindutva school of Shiv Sena is the original.

Raj Thackeray claimed that there are 1104 mosques in Mumbai, out of which 135 used loudspeakers during the morning prayers on Wednesday. Their sound was also violating the rules of the Supreme Court. What action is being taken against these mosques, he asked.