Lilavati Hospital: In the Navneet Rana photo leak case, the troubles of Lilavati Hospital increased, Shiv Sena lodged a complaint with the police station.

Mumbai:In Maharashtra, Amaravati’s independent MP Navneet Rana and the controversy have become like a bodice and a rump. Navneet Rana comes out of a brawl when another waits for her. After being released from jail in the Hanuman Chalisa controversy case, Navneet Rana was admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai for treatment. However, when he was taken to the MRI room during treatment, Navneet Rana has again been embroiled in controversy due to a photo of him that went viral on social media. Although Navneet Rana Sidhi is not involved in this case, but due to this picture of him, now the problems of Lilavati Hospital have increased. Shiv Sena MLA Manisha Kayande has lodged a complaint in this matter at Bandra police station on Tuesday. Due to which the difficulties of the hospital administration are believed to increase.

Let us tell you that a few years ago a patient died in the MRI room at Nair Hospital in Mumbai. Because of this, BMC has also sent a notice to the hospital taking cognizance of this matter. Manisha Kayande says that the patient’s privacy has been leaked in Lilavati Hospital. This is a very serious matter, ISA should not happen, that is why we have filed a complaint.

The hospital administration accepted the mistake
Seeing the strong attitude of Shiv Sena, Lilavati Hospital CEO S Ravi Shankar himself admitted that it is our fault. However, he also said that MP Rana’s stomach and spinal cord were MRI done twice on two different days. One MRI on the night of the 6th and the other on the morning of the 7th. Meanwhile, the MP’s secretary or some worker managed to enter the MRI center and deliberately took some pictures while going for scanning. This should not happen, we have written everywhere in the hospital that photography is not allowed. This happened at a time when the staff was trying to talk to the patients as they used to get upset and worried. During this process, someone from behind took these pictures.

Shivsena sought answer
Shivsena spokesperson Manisha Kayande said that when Navneet Reena was taken to the hospital, she appeared to be in a lot of trouble. When she was discharged a day later, she was completely fit and fine, which is doubtful. However, the hospital administration did not immediately give a clear answer to the questions of Shiv Sena leaders. Shiv Sena handed over a letter to the hospital’s COO and Senior Consultant, Lt Gen (Retd) Dr. V. Ravi Shankar, seeking an answer to the alleged irregularities that took place during Navneet Rana’s stay.