Ground Report of Patra Chawl: The land was divided equally and one brother remained rich, the other poor as if!

Mumbai: For us, every person including Sanjay Raut is guilty because of which we are homeless today. Sir, every big minister and leader has come here but our problem remains as it is. Once Pankaj Dalvi’s family also lived in Patra Chawl. But today he is forced to wander from door to door. There are many such touching stories in Patra Chawl. There was a different image in mind about Patra Chawl, built three-four kilometers from Goregaon station in Mumbai city. Thought that if the name Patra Chawl is there, then there would be the house of Patre (Teen Shed). The people who had this house. They too must have lived there somewhere nearby. But when we reached there the whole scene was different. The land of the chawl was divided into two parts. Like two brothers separated. One of them is rich and the other poor. It was the same scene here. On one side there were luxurious high-rise private buildings in which people would soon start living. However, these buildings are yet to get the occupation certificate. On the other hand, the area of ​​the chawl where the natives are to be given houses. But here the boundary wall of patare has been made all around. Inside which no one can enter without permission.

The chawl, which was once buzzing with people, is lying deserted today. Now semi-constructed buildings stand here. Some security guards are present on different sides of the chawl. Looking at these deserted buildings, one can easily tell that no work has been done here for years. Some residents of a nearby chawl were narrating their problems to the media persons. We also decided to go inside the chawl. Initially the security guard refused to come inside. However, later we entered after the Patra Chawl Committee President came. After going inside, it was found that now the work has started again in these ruined buildings. But for how long this will last, there is no one to tell when people will get home.

Patra Chawl echoes in Mumbai
The name of Patra Chawl of Mumbai is echoing in the politics of Maharashtra. The Enforcement Directorate has arrested Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut in this case. The court has sent him to ED custody till August 4. After all, what is this Patra Chawl, where is it made? Also, in the current situation, how long will the people who want the house be able to get their house? To investigate this matter, the team of Navbharat Times Online reached Patra Chawl located in Siddharth Nagar, Goregaon West. Let us know many surprising things here. Like the buildings of private builders have been built but the work of the houses of the people of Chawl is incomplete. However, so far private buildings have not been able to get OC due to the opposition of Chawl residents.

The homes of the rich are ready, the poor will have to wait
Patra Chawl was spread over 47 acres of land. 672 house owners living here were to be given flats in the buildings to be built here. The surprising thing is that since 2007, the citizens here were vacated by giving this assurance. He was assured that soon he would get the house of his dreams. However, even after 15 years, nothing like this has happened. However, in Patra Chawl, where the real residents of this place are to be made houses.

Next to it, private builders have erected their luxurious multi-storey buildings on the land of the chawl itself. This building is now waiting for people to come. On the other hand, the people of Patra Chawl are still waiting to get the keys of their house. Not only the residents of Patra Chawl but hundreds of people from Mumbai had invested money in this project. His money is stuck at the moment.

so much work
For now, those aspiring to return to Patra Chawl’s new home may have to wait a few more years. The construction work here was stalled for the past several years due to the scam. Which has been restarted from the last few months. When Sharad Pawar, the convener of the Mahavikas Aghadi government, met the residents of the chawl in Goregaon a few months back. Then he had assured that soon this construction work would be completed and people would be given the keys of the houses. After that a fund of Rs 500 crore was allotted. After which the work has started here. At present the building is standing but no other work has been completed. Looking at the pace of work at the moment, it can be said that still the wait of the residents here is not over.

In 15 years, loved ones and dreams broke their lives
The evacuation of Patra Chawl started in the year 2007. Then people expected that soon he would go back to his new home. The builder had also started paying rent to them to live in another place. However, after paying rent for a few years, they also stopped paying rent. Meanwhile, the dream that many had cherished of moving into their new home in 15 years was shattered. Many people died in the quest of getting the keys to the dream house. There are also many people who now do not believe that they will ever get a chance to go back to their home. Many such people expressed their pain from Navbharat Times Online.

What is Patra Chawl scam?
Let us tell you that Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has been arrested in this scam on money laundering charges. The scam started in the year 2007. It was then alleged that the scam was carried out in connivance of Guru Ashish Construction and HDIL (Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited) along with MHADA. Initially, MHADA entrusted the work of redevelopment of Patra Chawl to Guru Ashish Construction.

There is an allegation of scam of Rs 1034 crore in this case. This company is owned by Praveen Raut. Who is a close friend of Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut. This company has been accused of cheating the people of Chawl. Here more than 3000 flats were to be built in the letter. Out of which 672-year-old Chawl residents were to meet. But the land was sold to private builders.

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