BJP and MVA face to face again in Maharashtra MLC elections, who will do wonders on Monday!

Mumbai: Miracles have been happening in the election of the Legislative Council. This is not a new thing. The ruling party has vowed that it will not make a mistake like the Rajya Sabha elections this time, so the BJP claimed that it will win this time as well, because they have a miraculous leader Devendra Fadnavis. Voting is secret, so miracles are likely on both sides. Let us tell you that from the ruling party to the opposition party has geared up to show miracles in the Legislative Council elections on Monday. Claims are being made on the claim of victory. To make this happen, the round of meetings continued on Saturday as well. The discussions continued throughout the day. To impress small parties, some reached Virar by local train, while some stayed with the MLAs in a five star hotel.

Miracle will happen on Monday: Ajit Pawar
On Saturday, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar claimed that like the Rajya Sabha elections, miracles will happen in the Legislative Council elections, but from whose side, it will be known on Monday. The mistake that was made during the Rajya Sabha elections will not happen this time. This time efforts will be made to keep the quota of candidates more and care will be taken that no vote is invalid. The MLAs are being explained well how to vote. Two of our MLAs could not get permission to vote. We will compensate it with independent MLAs. At present, 284 MLAs are expected to vote. There are 11 candidates in the fray for 10 seats, so the defeat of one is certain.

Only BJP will win: Patil
Maharashtra BJP President Chandrakant Patil has also confirmed that the victory will be of BJP only. There is a huge controversy in the Mahavikas Aghadi government of the state, which will definitely benefit the BJP. All five of our candidates will win. In the Rajya Sabha elections, BJP needed 11 votes for its third candidate to win. We arranged that and a miracle happened.

miracles are happening
In 1996, Congress veteran Vilasrao Deshmukh was defeated by an independent Lal Singh candidate. Elections were held for 9 seats of the Legislative Council that year. Deshmukh wanted to become an MLA through the Legislative Council after losing the 1995 assembly elections from Latur, but the Congress did not give him a ticket, so he entered the fray as an independent candidate with the support of Shiv Sena. After counting of votes it was found that Lal Singh defeated by 0.59 votes. Ganpatrao Deshmukh, who won the assembly elections 11 times, was also defeated in the 1996 Legislative Council elections. Shekap fielded him in the Legislative Council election after losing the 1995 assembly election, but lost due to cross-voting.

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