Anand Dighe: Thane’s ‘Thackeray’ who taught politics to Eknath Shinde, full story

Mumbai: The rebellious move of Shiv Sena leader and minister in the government Eknath Shinde has brought an uproar in the politics of Maharashtra. Clouds of danger are hovering over the Uddhav Thackeray government of the state. Suddenly Shinde’s politics has become a topic of discussion all over the country. But do you know from where Shinde learned the tricks of politics? The one who taught him all this is Thackeray of Thane, Anand Dighe. Shinde is a disciple of Dighe. After reaching Surat on Tuesday, Shinde mentioned Balasaheb Thackeray and Anand Dighe in his tweet. Even when he took oath as a minister in the Maha Aghadi government, he had mentioned Dighe.

Who was Anand Dighe?
Anandi Dighe’s stature in Shiv Sena was so big that people called him Thackeray of Thane. After Balasaheb Thackeray, he was called the most powerful and domineering leader of Shiv Sena. Born on January 27, 1951, Dighe was accused of killing a Shiv Sena worker. Because of this, he was also angry with Shiv Sena. Later he supported the Congress on several occasions. He was also arrested under TADA. Later released on bail.

He was injured in a car accident in August 2001. He dies during treatment. The Shiv Sena had alleged that he died due to negligence in Ijaz. Angry workers set the entire hospital on fire.

Shiv Sena gave the name of Dharamveer, the film on the same name
It is said that Dighe was a humble leader as well as kind. He was always ahead to help the public. For this reason, the Shiv Sainiks gave him the name of Dharamveer. A film was also made in the name of Dharamveer.

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Shinde learned politics
Eknath Shinde, the architect of the earthquake in Maharashtra’s politics, learned politics from Dighe. Originally a resident of Satara, Shinde used to drive an auto in Thane earlier. Then he came close to the Thana district army chief Anand Dighe.

After Balasaheb Thackeray, Anand Dighe was considered to be the biggest strong and domineering leader in the Shiv Sena party. Eknath Shinde is considered a disciple of Anand Dighe. Dighe had considerable control over the local unit. He raised the status of Shiv Sena in the area. Shinde made Dighe his role model. He started trying to look like her even in dress and speech. Dighe also rewarded Shinde for his loyalty. Dighe helped Shinde win the Thane Municipal Corporation seat in 1997. Dighe is said to have made Shinde the leader of the House in the Thane Municipal Corporation.

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