After a big victory in Mainpuri, SP will now work to get lost land in cooperatives, BJP is dominant

After a big victory in Mainpuri, SP will now work to get lost land in cooperatives, BJP is dominant
Lucknow: Buoyed by the huge victory in the traditional seat of Mainpuri in the by-election, the Samajwadi Party has now focused its attention on regaining the lost political ground in cooperatives. All office bearers have been asked to participate in the cooperative elections to be held in April. The elections for the management committees of cooperative buying and selling societies will be held on April 12 in the state. While the election of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman representatives will be held on April 13. SP state president Naresh Uttam Patel has sent a letter to all the district office bearers, present and former MPs-MLAs, present or outgoing people associated with SP on various posts in co-operative institutions. Sharing the complete program of the election with this, it has been said that after meeting in every district, complete the preparations related to the election. And after meeting with the workers contesting the elections, its strategy should be decided.

SP was once in power, now BJP’s supremacy

The Samajwadi Party had dominated the cooperatives for more than two decades. Many members of the Saifai family including Shivpal Yadav, his son Aditya Yadav, wife Sarla Yadav were also holding important positions in cooperatives. After coming to power in UP in 2017, the BJP also expelled the SP from the cooperatives. The BJP is making all out efforts to maintain its supremacy. That’s why it will not be easy for SP to capture here again. SP’s enthusiasm has also increased with Shivpal’s active return to the party as Shivpal has been a key player in the politics of cooperative elections.

Backward-Dalits are getting out of recruitment: Akhilesh

National President Akhilesh Yadav has said that the BJP government is abolishing the reserved posts of backward and Dalits under a conspiracy. Privatization is being promoted as a strategy to eliminate reservation. The jobs and recruitments that come out in government departments, backward and Dalits are not being recruited by giving one reason or the other. Later, the government recruits its favorites on these vacant posts. In a statement released on Monday, the SP chief said that Dalits and backward people have been neglected even in the appointment of vice-chancellors in universities. Large scale irregularities took place in the recruitment of 69 thousand teachers. The backward ones did not get their rights. BJP is afraid of caste census. While having caste statistics will make it easier to make government schemes. The benefits of the schemes will be able to reach the right and needy.

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