Big robbery done in Agra by stealing a car from Gurgaon, revealed in police investigation

GurgaonVehicle theft is on the rise. Stolen vehicles are being scraped at Meerut, Mewat and other places. Along with this, bigger crimes are also being carried out by them. Criminal incidents are being done in UP with vehicles stolen from Gurgaon. The latest disclosure came from a message received from the Agra Police. In fact, the miscreants in the car robbed two hundred kg of silver and one lakh rupees from the employees of the courier company under Sadar police station of Agra. Later, the miscreants parked the car in an abandoned condition in Tajganj. During investigation, the car was found in Gurgaon, and from there the police was contacted and it was found that the car was stolen last month.

Car was also stolen from Palam ViharAt the same time, last month also the miscreants were carrying out criminal incidents with the stolen Eco vehicle from Palam Vihar. Most of them were residents of UP. During interrogation, he had told that by stealing a car from Gurgaon, he commits theft, snatching and other incidents in UP. In December also, a cab hired from Gurgaon was looted in UP. On protesting, the miscreants killed the driver. When the Auraiya police caught two miscreants after the encounter, they also talked about stealing a car from Gurgaon. They either steal/loot from these cars or sell them to the miscreants of UP.

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