Amritsar’s famous twin brothers Sohna-Mohana got voter ID

Chandigarh, Jan 25 (PTI) Punjab Chief Electoral Officer S Karuna Raju on Tuesday handed over two different voter photo identity cards to Amritsar’s famous twin brothers Sohan Singh and Mohan Singh. These two twin brothers are attached to the body and are affectionately known as Sohna-Mohana.

The Election Commission of India had treated Sohna and Mohana as separate voters and decided to give individual voting rights to both of them. Both the brothers had turned 18 last year only.

Raju said that special arrangements would be made for Sohna and Mohana so that both of them could vote separately while maintaining their secrecy.

Sohan Singh and Mohan Singh were born in Delhi in June 2003 and were abandoned by their parents. He is brought up by an orphanage in Amritsar.

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