Yamuna Authority got back Tappal Nagar Panchayat village, logistic hub and other projects will accelerate

Noida: The villages that went to Tappal Nagar Panchayat of Yamuna Authority have been returned to Yamuna Authority. On Friday, a decision has been taken from the government level on this demand of the authority. Now the Yamuna Authority will acquire the land of these villages and logistic hubs and other projects can be set up in this area. Among the villages which have been returned to the Yamuna Authority, some area is of Tappal village and rest of the villages include Noorpur, Udaipuras, Meva Nagla, Milik etc.

It may be noted that these villages were earlier in the notified area of ​​Yamuna Authority, but after the approval of the cabinet recently, they were included in Tappal Nagar Panchayat. On Friday, the government has included them back in the area of ​​Yamuna Authority. The biggest advantage of this would be that the logistics hub would be established in this area as per the plan made earlier.

Yamuna Authority is currently implementing development plans in Gautam Budh Nagar and Bulandshahr included in phase one. At the same time, the master plan of Tappal, Bajna and Raya included in phase two has also been approved earlier by the state government. The Yamuna Authority is working on a plan to develop a multimodal logistics park at Tappal. Its Detailed Project Report (DPR) was prepared.

Meanwhile, the state government had declared Tappal as Nagar Panchayat and included some notified areas of the authority in it. Due to this the Authority had to prepare a revised DPR. The authority had sent a letter to the government urging it to return its area included in Tappal Nagar Panchayat, which was successful. A logistics hub will be developed in the area of ​​Tappal adjacent to the Yamuna Expressway.

There is a plan to prepare it on PPP model by making farmers a partner in the logistics hub plan. If the farmers are not ready for this, then the authority will buy the land. For this, the survey of the land was also done by Delight Company of Britain, the advisory company of Yamuna Authority.

Under a plan, the Yamuna Authority is also working on a plan to set up urban cities in Tappal-Bajna, Raya (Mathura) and Agra. Due to this, the Authority is also planning to implement Smart Traffic Management System in the new city Tappal Urban City.

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