Noise everywhere in Noida! 140 silence zones have been created, if you blow the horn, you will have to pay a fine of up to Rs 10,000.

Noise everywhere in Noida!  140 silence zones have been created, if you blow the horn, you will have to pay a fine of up to Rs 10,000.
Noida: There is noise everywhere in the city. Noida Authority has started the exercise to reduce it. For the first time, the traffic cell of the authority has identified 140 silence zones by conducting a survey of the entire city. Installation of warning boards has started at these places. The authority is preparing to make these silence zones of 100 meters horn free. Also, entry of loud vehicles should not be given in these. If any vehicle violates the rules, action should be taken against it. These silence zones marked by the authority will be recorded in the records and city maps. The preparation of the authority is to get them updated on Google Map as well.

According to the information, the city is divided into four zones. First industrial, second commercial, third residential and fourth silence zone. The silence zones that have been created are around hospitals, educational institutions, courts, religious premises. Of these, 100 meters of road has been marked. Preparations are on to mark the residence sectors or societies which have gates as silence zones. Many sectors and societies, where more senior citizens live, are continuously demanding this from the authority. Officials told that whatever demands are coming, they are being further tested according to the standards. A separate report will also be prepared for the reasons why the noise is increasing in which area.

Silence zones (quiet areas) have been surveyed and marked in the city. Boards are also being installed so that common citizens are aware of this. How this system can be further improved is being discussed.
SP Singh, DGM, Noida Traffic Cell

Invoice up to Rs 10,000

According to the information received from the traffic police, there is a challan of Rs 1,000 for honking the horn for the first time in the silence zone recorded in the record, and Rs 2,000 for the second time. Similarly, if there is a pressure horn, then this challan will be of Rs 10,000. In special circumstances, even if you blow the horn, there should be a standard of 50 decibels during the day and 40 decibels at night. Special circumstances will also have to be told when stopped by the traffic police. As if he was carrying the sick or was himself sick. The person walking on the road in front was looking in some other direction or there could be other reasons which have to be proved. Similarly, if your vehicle is making a lot of noise then also you can be challaned in the silence zone. Noida Traffic Police needs to increase its resources to further implement the silence zone. The traffic police currently have only one sound meter. Along with this, some changes will also have to be made in the duties according to the silence zone.

Transport department has to decide

The elevated road passes in front of the District Hospital and Child PGI. Traffic also moves under the elevated road. The distance of the traffic passing from above is more than 100 meters to the hospital inside, but the traffic passing from below comes within 100 meters only. There is also a private school nearby, but the problem of determining the silence zone at all these three places is stuck. Now the Transport Department has to take further decision on this. This can happen if the department stops the operation of heavy vehicles on the road below the elevated road. For this, the Transport Department and the Traffic Police will have to take a decision. According to the officials of the traffic cell of the authority, once the efforts to stop the heavy vehicles below the elevated have been done from the authority level.

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