Noida Me Namaj Par Vivad: Controversy escalated over Friday prayers in Noida, police returned hundreds of people who reached the park


  • Noida Police stopped people who came to offer Friday prayers in the park
  • Noida Police gave reason for the imposition of section 144 in the district
  • Said to ban such events in public places
  • Police gave permission to offer Friday prayers near the tomb

People who came to offer Friday prayers at the Rabbit Park located in Sector-54, Noida were stopped. The police put a stop to this. At the same time, Friday prayers were read at the tomb near the park as before. The police turned people back from the park citing a ban on such religious activities in open and public places.

A large number of people reach for Friday prayers at Rabbit Park in Sector 54. There is also a tomb near this park. Due to the presence of commercial establishments and factories in the vicinity, people working there also reach during the Friday prayers. The crowd of people was increasing continuously at this place. On Friday also a large number of people reached the tomb and this place too. After this the police stopped people from offering Namaz in the park.

It is said that section 144 will be implemented in the district.
The police forbade hundreds of people from offering Namaz in the open, but were allowed to offer Namaz in the tomb. Police spokesperson Pankaj Kumar said that religious activities are not allowed in public places. Section 144 is applicable in the district. He said that people working in factories of Sector 57, 58, 59, and 60 come to offer Namaz in Rabbit Park located in Sector 54. Gradually their number increased to thousands.

The spokesman said that Section 144 is in force in the district and religious activities are not allowed in public places. That’s why the police returned the people who came to offer Namaz from there. He told that the religious place has been marked for offering Namaz. People were appealed to go there and offer Namaz.

Police ban on offering Namaz in Noida’s park


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