Due to the anti-people policies of the BJP government, there is an atmosphere of anarchy in Uttar Pradesh today: SP leader

Noida, Dec 7 (PTI) Senior Samajwadi Party (SP) leader and Leader of Opposition in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Ramgovind Choudhary has alleged that the anti-people policies of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government led to chaos in Uttar Pradesh today. An atmosphere has been created.

The SP leader said that crimes against women have increased in Uttar Pradesh and in the recent data released by National Human Rights Commission and National Crime Bureau, there is a huge increase in crime in Uttar Pradesh.

Chaudhary said that India has come down to 124th place among the poor countries of the world. He said that unemployment has broken records under the BJP government. Unemployment which did not increase in 45 years, it has increased manifold under the rule of BJP government.

He said that the BJP government is against farmers and laborers. The government is working in favor of a few capitalists. Chowdhary had come to Noida to attend an event.

He said that inflation is increasing day by day and people’s jobs are being lost. The SP leader said that the BJP is throwing the country in the fire of caste and communalism for its political interest. Democracy is being murdered. He called upon the SP workers to work unitedly to strengthen the party.


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