By scanning the QR code in Noida buses, you will be able to buy tickets yourself, the affair of loose money will also end.

Noida: PM Modi’s Digital India campaign is continuously paying off in Uttar Pradesh. Arrangements are being made to make many government departments cashless. Along with this, the Transport Department is also preparing to start the system of digital payment. QR code system is going to start in UP Roadways buses from December for passengers in Noida and Greater Noida. Due to this system, passengers will be able to easily buy their tickets through QR code. At the same time, the passengers will get relief from the fight for open money.

Now the facility of QR code is going to start for cashless travel in buses. Which will start almost from the month of December. Under this facility, two QR codes will be installed in UP Roadways buses. Passengers will be able to pay for tickets by scanning one QR code and check the route of the bus with the other QR code. When will the bus arrive, will be able to check the timings and routes of the buses.

Along with this, in case of non-availability of cash, daily commuters will also be able to pay for their tickets through ATM cards and wallets. It is generally seen that due to lack of change money in buses, there is often a dispute between the conductor and the passengers. Due to which the operator and the passengers will now be able to get relief. Passengers will be able to reach their destination without any hassle.

Noida’s Transport Department’s ARM MP Singh said that from December, people can take tickets by scanning the QR code in roadways buses plying in Noida-Greater Noida. Earlier this facility was available in such private buses, now this facility is going to be available in the buses of the transport department as well. Passengers will definitely get relief after cashless payment. Also, due to lack of spare money, people will not have to leave their money with the operator under compulsion.
Report – Manish Singh

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