200 families of Victory One Amara Society of Greater Noida are troubled by electricity, connection cut due to outstanding of 12 lakhs

Greater Noida: Even after paying the maintenance charge, people in the societies are worried about the problem of electricity and water. At around 11 am on Wednesday morning, the power company NPCL cut off the electricity at Victory One Amara Housing Society Management, located in Sector-16B of Greater Noida West, due to an outstanding bill of about Rs 12 lakh. Till late evening, the management did not submit the bill nor did any discussion with the electricity company regarding the payment of the outstanding electricity bill.

Residents said that the management did not even provide power backup saying that there was no diesel in the DG set in the society. The water stock has also reached the verge of exhaustion. There is darkness in the society and there is no arrangement for electricity connection and power backup. The residents called and informed the police and the police reached the spot.

Resident Prashant Jha told that 200 families live in the society. All the residents are paying the maintenance charges on time. The residents are also paying the electricity bill every month, but the builder has not submitted the bill to the electricity company. The management of NPCL has an outstanding electricity bill of about Rs 12 lakh. which has not been deposited.

At around 11 am on Wednesday morning, the electricity company cut off the electricity of the society. The management explained the reason for the power cut in a long time. For a long time the residents did not get power backup from the DG sets. When the management was asked for power backup, it was told that there is no diesel to operate the DG set. The water stock in the society has also reached the verge of exhaustion. If there is no electricity connection and power backup in the society, then 200 families will be troubled even for drinking water.

Facility head Anuj Rajput told that the electricity company has an outstanding bill of about Rs 9 lakh. Residents are not depositing the facility charges. The electricity was cut late on Tuesday at around 12 o’clock. The facility provided backup till around 11 am on Wednesday morning but could not get backup due to diesel running out. The monthly expenditure for providing all the facilities in the society is more than 12 lakh rupees.

The residents have not paid any facility charges since March. Many residents have not even installed electricity meters in their homes. People reached Kotwali late in the evening, troubled by the power cut, the people of the society reached Bisrakh Kotwali to lodge a complaint against the builder management.

The residents have lodged a complaint against the builder management. Till the writing of the news, the conversation between the resident and the builder management continued in front of the police in Kotwali late in the evening.

(Report- Manish Singh, Greater Noida)

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