Tourism day: Know the agony of Eran on tourism day, which had to be world famous, people around do not know its importance


Today we are talking about sudden (Eran) because () but at least this forgotten place can be discussed. Even after 75 years of independence, Eran has not got the place it deserves to be among the tourist destinations. Even in the Amrit festival, Eran, sitting as a mirror of human history, is facing neglect. Here is all that attracts foreign tourists. But there is no packaging for tourist-friendly hotels, resorts, camping, boating, etc. to reach, stay and modern resources. Political interests and the indifference of the authorities never allowed Aran to reach the reach of tourists. Man lived in the Palaeolithic period in Eran, located in the Sagar district, even one lakh years ago. Evidence of this is the stone axes for hunting nomadic ancient humans present here, flesh-cut stone scabbard blades. The story of gradual development is also called tools, utensils etc. made of copper of Chalcolithic period. Those who are present here, about 5000 years old earthen wall civilizations are preserved here today. From coins, seals to 510 years old first Sati pillar is also present here. But there was no way to reach him. In the past, Dr. Shivkant Bajpai, the superintendent of Archaeological Survey of India, Jabalpur, who came to restore the Sati pillar, said that the work of preserving the idols and pillars present in Eran has been started. Will discuss with the district administration for development here.

amazing history

Eran is situated on the banks of Betwa river near Vidisha in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh. Here the wide natural beauty of the river has the ability to entice the tourists in every way. What the present governments could not understand was understood by Samudragupta one and a half thousand years ago. So far from Patili’s son, Eran was made a city according to his travel and stay. Which is from then till today. Talking about the rulers, the history of the Shakas, the Gupta rulers and the barbaric Huns, Eran, who has faced the attacks of the barbaric Huns, is still screaming and testifying to the history of India. The Department of Archeology understands its importance that what is Eran and how ancient is the heritage. Recently, 1700 years old Sati Pillar has been installed here which was lying there for 70 years.

British period

In the year 18 to 38, the English officer PS Barth discovered such a place, since then it is in discussions till date. Alexander Cunningham, the father of the Archaeological Survey of India, conducted a survey here in 1874.

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