Sagar News: Those two hours of terror and fear…when the farmer giving water in the field showed the bomb


  • Bomb found in the field in Babupura Basti
  • Farmer is seen while giving water to the field
  • The bomb defused after two hours of effort
  • There was chaos in the whole area, the bomb was not fatal

Sensation spread after a bomb was found in a field in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday afternoon. Behind Diet College, a farmer was giving water to his field when he saw a bomb in a pit. Bomb disposal squad with police reached on information (Bomb Defusal Squad) defused the bomb. It was later revealed that it was an army smoke candle bomb (Smoke Candle Bomb) which is generally not fatal. It took about two hours to defuse the bomb. Till then the people of the surrounding area remained in awe in fear of some untoward incident.

There is an army base in Sagar where jawans conduct maneuvers from time to time. Mortars, hand grenades and other explosives are being found every day due to the firing range near Babu Pura Basti in Bamori area. On Tuesday, a farmer named Tikku Yadav was giving water to his field. Then he got a bomb in a pit (Bomb found in Field) as seen. When he informed the people around him, there was panic.

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about eight kilograms heavy
People informed the Civil Line Police about this. First the crowd was dispersed. After this the Bomb Disposal Squad took the lead. The bomb was defused after about two hours of effort. BDS Vinay Tiwari told that it was a kind of fog bomb which is used to give covering. It was about one and a half feet long and seven to eight kilograms heavy. A smoke wall is made from a smoke candle.

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Seeing the smoke wall became visible
The Bomb Disposal Squad first removed the shell of the bomb by blasting it with a detonator. Thereafter, it was destroyed by setting it on fire. People sitting hundreds of meters away in anticipation of the blast were stunned when they saw a plume of smoke.


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