Sugar mills sold for a penny in Maharashtra, a scam of 25 thousand crores! Anna Hazare wrote a letter to Amit Shah

Mumbai: Anna Hazare, a senior social worker of Maharashtra, keeps raising issues related to the public from time to time. This time he has written a letter to Union Cooperation Minister Amit Shah. In this letter, he has written that the cooperative sugar mills of Maharashtra have been sold at a penny price. He has also accused of scam of about 25 thousand crore rupees in this case. Along with this, there has also been a demand to get the entire matter investigated by a retired judge of the Supreme Court. Anna Hazare has written this letter on January 24.

Why did Anna write a letter to Amit Shah?
Anna Hazare has written in his letter that since 2009, the process of selling sugar mills of Maharashtra to them at the cost of shells has started. He also said that we are also protesting on this issue. It was told in the letter that a complaint was also lodged on this matter during the year 2017 in Mumbai. Then a DIG level officer was also appointed for the investigation. However, during the investigation it was found that these allegations are baseless and they do not contain any facts. Along with this, it was also found in the investigation that there is no irregularity in the cooperative financial institutions. That’s why Anna has written a letter to Amit Shah.

Anna’s question
Senior social worker Anna Hazare has also raised the question in his letter that if the Maharashtra government does not investigate this huge scam, then how will this corruption be stopped? How can this be controlled? He has also mentioned in the letter that the Center has created the Ministry of Cooperation for the welfare of farmers and to make the cooperative sector better.

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