Resolution of Mira Bhayander Municipality! Proposal to take tax exemption, financial burden on flats up to 500 sq. Ft. In the form of grant from government

Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation: . BJP is in power in Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation. The commissioner has expressed the view that the decision of this tax waiver will break the financial burden of the corporation. It seems difficult to get this resolution approved by the ruling party in this Sena-BJP alliance. & Nbsp;

In fact, after the decision of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the Sena MLAs wrote a letter to the mayor, demanding a permanent tax exemption for flats up to 500 square feet in Mira Bhayander city. Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation falls in D category. They could not afford the resolution. However, to reverse the game of Sena MLAs, BJP has approved this tax waiver resolution and has only approved a resolution to get its compensation from the government. The Sena has targeted the BJP due to this move. Without approving this resolution, a joint meeting of the commissioner, mayor and office bearers should have been held to create the source of income of the municipality. However, the Sena has accused the BJP of politicizing the credit dispute. & nbsp;

If Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation gives tax exemption to residential properties below 500 square feet, the income of the corporation will be reduced by 109 crores every year. At present, the financial condition of the corporation is bad and if such tax exemption is given every year, the financial backbone of the corporation will be broken, said the commissioner. & Nbsp;

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