Maharashtra Omicron Cases: The highest number of 86 Omicron patients recorded in the state today is in Nagpur

Mumbai: in the state today 86 patients of the omycron variant have been reported. The highest number of patients was found in Nagpur, followed by Pune. Today, 47 patients of Omaicron have been found in Nagpur and 28 patients in Pune city. A total of 2845 patients have been registered in the state so far out of which 1454 patients have recovered. & Nbsp; The highest number of patients in the state so far is Pune is found in the city and its number is 1030. It is followed by Mumbai at 1010. So far, 6328 people have been tested for omecron in the state, out of which 6223 reports have been received. 105 sample reports are still pending. & Nbsp;

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