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Republic Day Parade: Power of the country to be seen on Rajpath on Republic Day, features of Parade on Rajpath, read in detail

73rd Republic Day Parade & nbsp;: & nbsp; On the occasion of the 73rd Republic Day today in Delhi & nbsp; Rajpath will showcase the country’s strength and culture. Like every year, this year too, a glimpse of the country’s strength and culture will be seen on the highway. The President, Prime Minister, Defense Minister and other dignitaries will also be present. The Prime Minister will be accompanied by the Chiefs of the three branches of the Army, Army, Air Force and Navy. Read more about the movement on the highway.

This year’s 73rd Republic Day Parade will showcase the strength of the Indian Army, as well as vintage tanks and artillery that ravaged Pakistan in the 1971 war. The PT-76 and Centurion tanks, which flew the Pakistani army in the 1971 war, will be seen for the first time in a parade on the highway. This vintage tank is no longer part of the Army’s combat fleet and has been specially called for a parade from the museum. The country recently celebrated the golden victory year of the 1971 war. In addition, a 75/24 vintage cannon and Topak armored personal carrier vehicle will be part of the parade. The 75/24 artillery was India’s first indigenous artillery and took part in the 1965 and 1971 wars. This will also show the diamond formation of the helicopter in the sky.

Sri Lanka to Release Indian Fishermen & nbsp ;: & nbsp; one day before Republic Day & nbsp; India to & nbsp; Sri Lanka has a great gift. Sri Lankan court on Tuesday & nbsp; 56 Indian fishermen released & nbsp; The fishermen were arrested for fishing in Sri Lankan waters. Leaders of Tamil Nadu had also repeatedly demanded the release of the fishermen from the Indian government. Sri Lanka has decided to release Indian fishermen. Sri Lanka has said that no Indian fishermen are now in its custody.

Sri Lankan authorities, as well as Indian political sources, have confirmed the release and said that no Indian fishermen have been detained in Sri Lanka since Tuesday’s order. The court’s order to release the fishermen came as Indian authorities called on Sri Lanka to release them on humanitarian grounds in the wake of economic aid talks.

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