Kiran Gosavi’s video ABP in my hands before being taken into custody by Pune police; Shocking allegations against Prabhakar Sail

> KP Gosavi Allegation on Prabhakar Sail: The Mumbai Cruise Drugs case has taken a different turn due to the allegations of Panch Prabhakar Sail. Similarly, Kiran Gosavi, who came into the limelight after Sail’s allegations, has finally been arrested by the Pune police. Also, Pune Police has claimed that Kiran Gosavi did not surrender and we have arrested him on the basis of our intelligence. Kiran Gosavi also has a bodyguard. Kiran Gosavi had been absconding since Prabhakar Sail exploded in front of the media. He was reported to be in Lucknow. The Pune Police Commissioner will interact with the media in this regard at 11 am. & Nbsp;

Watch Video: ‘Investigate Prabhakar Sail and Two Brothers’, Kiran Gosavi’s Video to ‘Me’ before Police Action

Kiran Gosavi said in the video, "Hi, I am going to talk about the allegations made by Kiran Gosavi and Prabhakar Sail. Jo Prabhakar Sail says that he was erected here, erected there. He had taken a lot of money … He was also talking about Sam D’Souza … but who had talked to Sam D’Souza? How much was paid to Sam D’Souza? How many offers did Prabhakar Sail get? All this information will be available from Prabhakar’s mobile." Speaking further, he said, "I urge the media to bring out the CDR reports and chats of Prabhakar and his two brothers. Bring up my chats too."& nbsp;

"Mine and > Some chats of Prabhakar Sail have surfaced in the media. In which I say, bring this much money and take it there. I have an import-export business. In which many of my people have borrowed money. That’s what the chat was about. After the 2nd date, Prabhakar was contacted on his cell phone. Also, all the chats that were deleted should be brought to the fore. This is my request.", Said Kiran Gosavi. Also, now that the Mumbai Police is investigating the matter, complete information about Prabhakar should be extracted. The police should bring to the notice which ministers are behind this. That’s all I have to say, & nbsp;

"As a Marathi man, all I want is for a minister, a leader, be it the opposition or the ruling party, to stand firmly behind me and order the police to take action on my demands. Then the truth will come out. Investigate Prabhakar’s phone. All the truth will come out. Check his and his brother’s phone and he will understand everything. These are the people who ate the money.", Says Kiran Gosavi. & Nbsp;

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