Winter will continue in Mumbai for the next two days, Tuesday morning was the coldest

Mumbai, Mofid Khan: Tuesday morning was the second coldest morning of the season for Mumbaikars. This season’s lowest minimum temperature so far was recorded for the second time. Santacruz on Tuesday recorded a minimum temperature of 13.4 degrees Celsius, which was three degrees below normal. Earlier on January 10, the lowest minimum temperature was recorded at 13.2 degrees Celsius. According to meteorologists, Mumbaikars will be able to enjoy this kind of pleasant weather for two more days. After that the weather will start returning to normal. Let us inform that after a light drizzle on Saturday, the cold started from Sunday. Tuesday morning was a chill for Mumbaikars. Meteorologist Dinesh Mishra said that due to the high pressure area formed after the Western Disturbance moves, the flow of the northern winds moves towards the south. It starts getting cold and the temperature starts dropping.

cold wave alert
Regional Meteorological Department official Sushma Nair said that cold wave is expected in many districts of north-central Maharashtra and Marathwada in the next 48 hours after the Western Disturbance has removed. It is also expected to remain cold here. Sushma Nair said that the areas where the minimum temperature is 10 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is less than 6 degrees Celsius, are called cold days.

Lowest temperature for the ninth time in a decade
The lowest minimum temperature was recorded on Tuesday for the ninth time this year, between 10 degrees and 13 degrees in January since 2012. The lowest minimum temperature was recorded in 1962 on 22 January. The minimum temperature at that time was 7.4 degrees Celsius.

January temperature

The year Temperature (in °C)
29 January 2012 10
6 January 2013 10.4
18 January 2014 13.2
20 January 2016 12.6
12 January 2017 11.9
26 January 2019 13.2
17 January 2020 11.4
10 January 2022 13.2
25 January 2022 13.4

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